Blockchain Applications

The Power of Blockchain Technology

Certificate Deposit

Through the blockchain Certificate Deposit solution, copyright, contract, and other similar records are stored in the blockchain network. Unique hash values and legal authenticity for the stored records are generated online. Records and documents are queried on-line, valid, and tamper proof.

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By collecting and tracking data from production to consumption, a trace chain-based traceability information sharing platform has been built to achieve refined management of the entire chain of products, provide support for consumers and regulatory authorities to conduct inspections and audits, and prevent supply chain errors by avoiding fake products being mixed into the supply chain as well as counterfeit products in the sales channel. Multi-granularity information sharing and protection of corporate business privacy is ensured.

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Supply Chain Finance

Integrates the supply chain financial system and the blockchain, builds a credible information network ecosystem among many enterprises and financial institutions in the supply chain, shares various types of information, reducing the time in data collection, verification, evaluation, etc., passes on trust and solves the problem of high financing costs for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Digital Loyalty Points

The integrated platform built on Square BaaS’ licensed chain manages points through blockchain encryption technology, allowing users to generate value returns in their behavior in digital life in respects to social, entertainment, shopping, travel, etc. allowing the value generated by these actions to be taken seriously, and the user’s digital behavior to be capitalized.

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