Why Square BaaS

The Benefits of Blockchain as a Service

Quickly Build Blockchain

Supports mainstream blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, on-demand deployment, and creates blockchain networks in one-click in seconds, while providing restful API interface with visual calling and debugging features along with real-time log query at every node. Square BaaS cloud service platform works with mainstream cloud computing vendors and adopts mature open source components such as Kubernetes and Docker to provide developers with mature and reliable enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure services.

Easy to Use

Square BaaS is developer-oriented, supports free trials of blockchain products, and provides easy-to-use developer tools and services. Developers can complete blockchain creation and operation in a visual user interface, significantly lowering the development threshold and improving development efficiency.

Proprietary innovation

Square BaaS insists on technological R&D and proprietary innovation to provide proprietary enterprise-level alliance chain service based on Hyperledger Fabric 1.x, and continues to research leading-edge technologies such as consensus algorithms, cryptography algorithms, cross-chain interaction, decentralized storage, etc., to provide developers with the most advanced technical services.

Assembly Skills

Flexible expansion of DID, Oracle, cross-chain interoperability and other technical modules on the basis of blockchain.

Flexible Deployment

Supports multi-chain environment deployment, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cross-cloud, and other deployment methods.

Dynamic Alliance Management

Dynamic capacity expansion to support dynamic management of organizations, channels, and nodes in a consortium blockchain

Security and Privacy Protection

Protects data privacy of information through access control, identity management, data isolation, data encryption, and zero knowledge proof.

Visualization and Usablity

Visual display of nodes, blocks transactions and other account information through control platform, block browser, blockchain application development and full process service support.

Contract IDE

One-stop smart contract management.

Account and Token Management

Anonymous account creation, asset management, custom token issuance and circulation.