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Data Governance and DaaS (Decentralized Framework as a Service)

Data governance solution provides a full lifecycle service which includes data collection, data transmission, data storage, data transaction, data access control, data privacy protection, data security sharing and data supervision. By introducing blockchain technology, the security and reliability of data systems can be effectively improved, and data privacy can be protected. These benefits can lead a traceable and supervisable data system.

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Inter-Blockchain Communication

Among the many problems faced by blockchains, the interoperability between blockchains greatly limits the space for the blockchain applications. As a bridge for the outward expansion and connection of blockchains, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) technology is the key to realizing value interconnection. The proprietary IBC solution provides customers with services such as information exchange and value transfer between homogeneous and heterogeneous blockchains to meet the business and performance needs of next-generation blockchain applications.

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Decentralized Identifiers

Based on blockchain systems, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) have features such as independent control, distributed trust and privacy protection. Users can manage their own private information and present it to relevant third parties in a controlled manner. Through Decentralized Identifiers, a reliable decentralized trust network can be constructed to effectively protect the privacy of users while reducing the cost of trust.

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Oracle Service

As a channel for real-world information to enter blockchain, an oracle provides blockchain with trusted external data access services. Through oracle services, downstream information can trigger upstream operation, breaking the barrier between blockchain and real-world information. Square BaaS provides oracle services that help users easily connect the upstream platform to the Web API of a reliable third party information platform to meet users’ business needs.

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